Morning Shifts

Working in IT and providing global support requires me to come in different kind of shifts. But of all the shifts, I am going to talk about my way too early morning shifts. In the months of mornings, I am required to get up at 4:30 AM in the morning (when my normal waking up time would be around 9 in the morning). Somehow I think, the waking up part is not difficult. What’s difficult is to keep yourself in that awake state for the most part of the mornings, afternoon and evening.

There is another debate that goes on within myself: should I take a bath now or should I come back from office and take a bath. The after bath usually wins! Then comes the most torturous part where I have to keep myself awake for good long hours and not only that, I am also made to take hard tough decisions. Decisions about work, about friends I want to talk to or don’t want to talk to, about food that I must eat and so many things.

And because you have got up that early in the morning, you can never manage to look good, not even average. You look like a zombie and the frustration to keep your eyes open all along is quite evident on your face. It is like each month I promise my self to look good, dress up good for office because that is where I spent most part of my days and that is where I should be feeling good. But morning shifts comes with different plans. It never wants you to look good.

I mean not everything is bad. After a week, you get used to it and then when you go back home you still have all your evening and night to you. I could do so much with that time in my hands but I choose to sleep it over. Because I love my sleep. But sometimes I go for shopping or a walk and then I realize, I could have never done this in any other shift.

Moral of the story: I simply hate morning shifts but I love all the ME time it comes with. :)

The art of letter writing

I know many people have talked about this and the people who write already know what I mean when I say that writing stuff on digital devices or social media is not the same as writing it down on a piece of paper.

The two feelings are so different. When I am typing I am never able to bring out the full emotions thinking about that one thing, one situation, one person or one experience. All I am able to do is put a gist of the whole thing and write it in the fewest of the words possible. Strange and interesting. Although when I start writing on a paper, I can feel myself feeling up that thing, being in that situation, being with that person or experience the same things.

To take a hand written letter in hand feels so intimate, feels like we are connected to the person. The person who took a piece of paper, sat down and put all his thought process to jot down words together for me and all that while that person was thinking about me; and only me. Isn’t that intimate?

Well, I wanted to feel that thrill and that experience again, but I had no one to post the letters to. So, I reached out to all my social media friends and asked them if they want hand written letters and are willing to share their address with me. I was surprised to see such a huge response. Now, I have a job to get done. I will write out letters to them all, wishing them luck and a beautiful journey.

If you feel like receiving a letter yourself, share your address with me in the comments. 🙂




Bookworm Days

I am going through that phase where I just want to read as many books as possible. I want to go through most of them cover to cover. The number of books I have bought recently like crazy thinking I will finish them all in just one go.

Every book I see and come to know about, I have a strong urge that I should read them. It is my duty to read them and then enlighten the world with the knowledge of how I found that book to be. (I know this seems stupid.)

I have always loved reading but not the way I have started reading these days. Some of the novels that I have finished in the last 2 months are:

  1. Veronica Decides to Die – It was okay. I didn’t like it much.
  2. Can you keep a Secret? – Light and fun reading chic-lit.
  3. The White Tiger – I loved it!
  4. The Husband’s Secret – Again, this was okay. It was kind of predictable.
  5. And the Mountains Echoed – I have loved all Khalid’s books. This one was also great.
  6. The Time Traveler’s Wife – It was a bit lengthy and got tiring. Although, I really liked the story-line.

The list is ever growing. Let me know if you are going or have ever went through this phase in life and what all books did you read? Well, I must admit, it is fun.


Here’s the Thing

3 months back… I was in this place where I had a few people with me who are worth mentioning.

The first of course is my girlfriend. She was a part of all my shenanigans! Together we were ruling the place and trust me we made people jealous. A different kind of jealous, where they used to be more in a state of shock. There was nothing that we both couldn’t do. I miss being with her. Be it Foosball, cricket or TT or any other sport, we were donning it together. The way we dirty danced in our first and again in our last parties. Uff we were sexy together. We could have laughed at our troubles and made trouble sorry for even making an existence.

Journey with her was short but the best days of my life.

There was this another person. A friend I guess. He stood by me till the end. But I guess I left no stone unturned to annoy him and now I miss him too. This is a hard fact to accept. Because sometimes when we miss people, our feelings could be mistaken. He was a part of the best days and together we created beautiful memories. I don’t know what stops me today to go ahead and tell him that I miss him. And when I woke up early this morning, his message on my phone left me thinking again. Why can’t he simply talk to me? Why does he have to play games? Why can’t we just laugh it off? Because I am this way, and I have always been this way. I can’t go back to say sorry even when I am, I can’t go back to say I forgive even when I had already, I can’t go back to mend when I desperately want to.

So here’s the thing I wish for, an evening with them together, were we could sit and feel nostalgic.



Days of Trouble.

It has been so many days since I wrote anything. Although I always thought of taking up the laptop and writing tits and bits, but what a shame that I was not able to pen down all my varied thoughts in the past month and above.

So where do I begin from? I changed my job; which is a good and a bad news. Good because I got rid of my last manager 😛 and bad because now I am supposed to work my ass off at my new workplace. Well, I guess you now have an idea why the subject states ‘Days of Trouble’. Anyway, it’s just one of the troubles.

My mind or to be very specific everyone other person’s mind is a wanderer and I do not blame it if it made me go through extensive thought processes in the past month. I fought with my mother again and you must be aware of the subject (refer my first post 😉 ). Although this time it was a bit messy. Now the worst part is I doubt my own decisions sometimes.

My roommate betrayed me and she left the room and I had to pay the double amount as my rent 😦 .I didn’t find any other roommate for a month and had to make a tough decision to leave this flat. Trust me, finding a new room which also caters to my pet’s need is not an easy job. I haven’t found any flat yet and still not initiated my search. Getting homeless next month is a dreadful thought.

I booked a new car and because it’s my LUCKY month the manufacturing plant went on fire. 😦 Now I have to wait for a month to get my car. Sad, isn’t it?

What is this thing about cooking? Why is it a pre-defined notion that women of the house need to cook. What if cooking is not my passion? What if I don’t want to cook? Why are women only supposed to cook? Why can’t men cook? What do I do if my boyfriend has become alcoholic? and stubborn? and the biggest idiot? Should I still take a stand for him or just ditch him?

Valar Morghulis.

Those were enough troubles for just one post.














Puppy Love

imageI always wanted to have a pet: be it a cat, a dog or even a fish. I just wanted to have a pet so badly. It was for months I used to do my research on what pet suits me the best. Some sites claimed that dogs make the best pet. Others stated I need a cat for someone as lazy as me. I was not able to make my mind. If someday I decided I wanted a dog, I would go hysterical about the breed I should choose. 😛

It had already been around 6 months and my research to find the best suited pet was heading nowhere. So one day without any second thought I went out to buy a cat. But it was my hard luck I found none. 😦

I had already given up on my dream to own a pet for myself. I know it sounds selfish but I wanted to have a pet to make myself believe that I can love and care about someone else other than me too. In a way giving up on this dream was a great idea as pets are not to prove anything. They are a part of our family. We do not own brothers and sisters to prove that we can love our siblings, we just tend to love them unconditional.

So a month before his birthday, my boyfriend got up one morning and said “I need a Labrador.” . Me and all my friends went frenzy over this idea and how it crept my boyfriend’s mind. He was so determined to bring a baby home, he made a 100 calls in a day. Meanwhile, I went in a state of disbelief and lied in one corner of the room thinking if any of this is true. 😛 In the evening all five of us went to a pet shop. The other girl in my group took a Lab puppy in her arms and we all awed. I saw that baby and fell in love. It was then and there that I decided that whatever maybe I am not putting this cute little furball back in cage. We all welcomed him to his new home.

I did not have to be sure if I will be able to take his care or not. I already knew that he has made a special place in my heart. Oreo, is now 10 weeks old and he his the cutest little lover I ever had. Every morning when he comes by my bedside and wakes me up, every time I sit tired and he starts licking my feet, every time he would lie down in front of me for a belly rub, I know I can not love him more. My love for him grows each day and I now know when people talk about their pet dogs how it feels. He is like a baby to me and my everything. #PuppyLove

To miss someone close

It has not been many days since I have told my parents that I have now become an old girl and I can take my own decisions in life. Being a parent doesn’t mean that you have to take decisions for your child all life long. It only means that you can stand with them and support your child with whatever path he or she chooses.

My parents definitely fail to realize the same. So, I recently told them that I like a guy and if I ever wish to marry (it’s again a big IF), I will marry him. Obviously this fact did not go well with them. It is frustrating that they want to choose and decide the guy whom should I live my life for the next so many years. Isn’t it?

Forget about my choice of guy, they have already decided that it’s time for me to get settled in life. I now see that nothing else ever mattered. Marriage of your girl child can become the whole sole purpose of someone’s life seems ridiculous.

I had to take harsh steps. I am not talking to them since that day. They do not seem to be interested in my life (like ever) and are also not talking to me. So, now I can come back to the subject of my article. I do miss my mother a lot. I used to randomly call her whenever I used to be in office and didn’t have much work to do. Now I unlock my phone and lock it back again.

Since morning, as there is not much work, I have called my boyfriend tens of times (who by the way doesn’t talk much and we usually have over the phone conversations for hardly 10 mins). This is the time when I am missing her. The mother I used to talk to. I used to call her up and tell her all my silly plans for the future. We used to discuss all the happening news in the family. I am not missing the mother she became once she knew I have a boyfriend who is not of the same caste as theirs.

I miss her so much and yet I can not approach her. I don’t want to hear her harsh tone. I don’t want to make me believe that she doesn’t care about me. I don’t want to realize that she has always been after me for the same purpose. I don’t want to know that she hates the person I love.

Maybe someday she will be alright and she will talk to me again. I just want her to know that it matters to me how she behaves with me at any time of the day. I get hurt and there is no cure for the pain that I experience now.