Morning Shifts

Working in IT and providing global support requires me to come in different kind of shifts. But of all the shifts, I am going to talk about my way too early morning shifts. In the months of mornings, I am required to get up at 4:30 AM in the morning (when my normal waking up time would be around 9 in the morning). Somehow I think, the waking up part is not difficult. What’s difficult is to keep yourself in that awake state for the most part of the mornings, afternoon and evening.

There is another debate that goes on within myself: should I take a bath now or should I come back from office and take a bath. The after bath usually wins! Then comes the most torturous part where I have to keep myself awake for good long hours and not only that, I am also made to take hard tough decisions. Decisions about work, about friends I want to talk to or don’t want to talk to, about food that I must eat and so many things.

And because you have got up that early in the morning, you can never manage to look good, not even average. You look like a zombie and the frustration to keep your eyes open all along is quite evident on your face. It is like each month I promise my self to look good, dress up good for office because that is where I spent most part of my days and that is where I should be feeling good. But morning shifts comes with different plans. It never wants you to look good.

I mean not everything is bad. After a week, you get used to it and then when you go back home you still have all your evening and night to you. I could do so much with that time in my hands but I choose to sleep it over. Because I love my sleep. But sometimes I go for shopping or a walk and then I realize, I could have never done this in any other shift.

Moral of the story: I simply hate morning shifts but I love all the ME time it comes with. :)

The art of letter writing

I know many people have talked about this and the people who write already know what I mean when I say that writing stuff on digital devices or social media is not the same as writing it down on a piece of paper.

The two feelings are so different. When I am typing I am never able to bring out the full emotions thinking about that one thing, one situation, one person or one experience. All I am able to do is put a gist of the whole thing and write it in the fewest of the words possible. Strange and interesting. Although when I start writing on a paper, I can feel myself feeling up that thing, being in that situation, being with that person or experience the same things.

To take a hand written letter in hand feels so intimate, feels like we are connected to the person. The person who took a piece of paper, sat down and put all his thought process to jot down words together for me and all that while that person was thinking about me; and only me. Isn’t that intimate?

Well, I wanted to feel that thrill and that experience again, but I had no one to post the letters to. So, I reached out to all my social media friends and asked them if they want hand written letters and are willing to share their address with me. I was surprised to see such a huge response. Now, I have a job to get done. I will write out letters to them all, wishing them luck and a beautiful journey.

If you feel like receiving a letter yourself, share your address with me in the comments. 🙂




Bookworm Days

I am going through that phase where I just want to read as many books as possible. I want to go through most of them cover to cover. The number of books I have bought recently like crazy thinking I will finish them all in just one go.

Every book I see and come to know about, I have a strong urge that I should read them. It is my duty to read them and then enlighten the world with the knowledge of how I found that book to be. (I know this seems stupid.)

I have always loved reading but not the way I have started reading these days. Some of the novels that I have finished in the last 2 months are:

  1. Veronica Decides to Die – It was okay. I didn’t like it much.
  2. Can you keep a Secret? – Light and fun reading chic-lit.
  3. The White Tiger – I loved it!
  4. The Husband’s Secret – Again, this was okay. It was kind of predictable.
  5. And the Mountains Echoed – I have loved all Khalid’s books. This one was also great.
  6. The Time Traveler’s Wife – It was a bit lengthy and got tiring. Although, I really liked the story-line.

The list is ever growing. Let me know if you are going or have ever went through this phase in life and what all books did you read? Well, I must admit, it is fun.


Daily Prompt: New Beginnings

via Daily Prompt: Mope

As the year 2016 is about to end, a series of moping will now start as to what we did wrong and what we should not have done. My personal take is that whatever we do adds to our being. Each day’s experiences, either good or bad makes us who we are.

I am really happy for all the changes that I have made in my life this year. I am happy that my life is getting defined in a new way.

This year we added a new family member; my pet dog, Oreo. I changed my job or rather my manager and am really happy at my current job. I shifted into living with my boyfriend and have understood the meaning of settlement.

What I can really mope about is my negligence for my health. I need to focus more on my personal well-being which I believe is the most important factor for happiness.

My 2016, in all ways was good and a few negative experiences are not going to change that, come hell or high water 😛 . I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2017 and hope that you achieve success in whatever field you espouse !!







Days of Trouble.

It has been so many days since I wrote anything. Although I always thought of taking up the laptop and writing tits and bits, but what a shame that I was not able to pen down all my varied thoughts in the past month and above.

So where do I begin from? I changed my job; which is a good and a bad news. Good because I got rid of my last manager 😛 and bad because now I am supposed to work my ass off at my new workplace. Well, I guess you now have an idea why the subject states ‘Days of Trouble’. Anyway, it’s just one of the troubles.

My mind or to be very specific everyone other person’s mind is a wanderer and I do not blame it if it made me go through extensive thought processes in the past month. I fought with my mother again and you must be aware of the subject (refer my first post 😉 ). Although this time it was a bit messy. Now the worst part is I doubt my own decisions sometimes.

My roommate betrayed me and she left the room and I had to pay the double amount as my rent 😦 .I didn’t find any other roommate for a month and had to make a tough decision to leave this flat. Trust me, finding a new room which also caters to my pet’s need is not an easy job. I haven’t found any flat yet and still not initiated my search. Getting homeless next month is a dreadful thought.

I booked a new car and because it’s my LUCKY month the manufacturing plant went on fire. 😦 Now I have to wait for a month to get my car. Sad, isn’t it?

What is this thing about cooking? Why is it a pre-defined notion that women of the house need to cook. What if cooking is not my passion? What if I don’t want to cook? Why are women only supposed to cook? Why can’t men cook? What do I do if my boyfriend has become alcoholic? and stubborn? and the biggest idiot? Should I still take a stand for him or just ditch him?

Valar Morghulis.

Those were enough troubles for just one post.















I had always wished I could drink so much someday that the next day I do not remember a thing. This wish has mostly been because I used to think this can never happen with me. Getting drunk, excessively drunk is fine but forgetting what ever I did is not something that will ever happen to me.

2016 fulfilled my wish twice. The first was definitely on New Year’s Eve itself. Although both the times the next day, we call it the Hangover day has been dreadful.

We are in a house party on the eve of New Year. I got so drunk that the whole night I tried to take out my contact lenses although I was wearing specs that day. My boyfriend was so frustrated from me as he tried so hard to make me understand that I was not wearing contacts. He even brought my specs and showed it to me. 😛 But I was determined that I cannot go to sleep until I get my lenses off.

Well, that day was short and sweet. 🙂

The next time I got hell drunk was on my boyfriend’s birthday party. What a day it was!

I actually do not remember what all I did. The last thing I remember is me dancing on the dance floor with all the random girls from the pub. Now this is a thing with me. Whenever I get drunk I get a bent towards girls. 😉 No, I am straight by all means. But when I am drunk I follow the #GirlsLove rule. I like the company of all girls.

So, the next day when I woke up, it was a surprise for me that I got up in my bed. In my OWN bed. 😛 I had this severe headache and as I put my first step on the floor I nearly escaped from stepping into my own vomit. The next big blow was my panty lying on the floor. Why was it there? I stood in front of the mirror to check had I taken off my lenses. Yes, I had and they were lying on the floor too. Thanks, to my pet he had them for dinner.

It was fun. But now I wish I never get that drunk because I wish I had witnessed a lot many things. I hated that I had to learn a lot of stories from my friends the next day. There was a girl who made a pass on my boyfriend and told him that he was cute. Oh how could have I missed that. 😦

I had a dark black bruise on my knee which I have no idea from where I got. While coming back to my house I made a remark to the society guard “Tere chota hai, chota hi rahega” (You have a small **** and it will be like that always). I puked and passed out in the pub washroom. I never knew I could have done so many embarrassing acts.

And seriously, getting drunk and blacking out is no more a wish for me. I want to be present. I want to know what I did. I want to be a part of all the fun.

I think I had enough hangovers this year. 🙂