The art of letter writing

I know many people have talked about this and the people who write already know what I mean when I say that writing stuff on digital devices or social media is not the same as writing it down on a piece of paper.

The two feelings are so different. When I am typing I am never able to bring out the full emotions thinking about that one thing, one situation, one person or one experience. All I am able to do is put a gist of the whole thing and write it in the fewest of the words possible. Strange and interesting. Although when I start writing on a paper, I can feel myself feeling up that thing, being in that situation, being with that person or experience the same things.

To take a hand written letter in hand feels so intimate, feels like we are connected to the person. The person who took a piece of paper, sat down and put all his thought process to jot down words together for me and all that while that person was thinking about me; and only me. Isn’t that intimate?

Well, I wanted to feel that thrill and that experience again, but I had no one to post the letters to. So, I reached out to all my social media friends and asked them if they want hand written letters and are willing to share their address with me. I was surprised to see such a huge response. Now, I have a job to get done. I will write out letters to them all, wishing them luck and a beautiful journey.

If you feel like receiving a letter yourself, share your address with me in the comments. 🙂





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