Bookworm Days

I am going through that phase where I just want to read as many books as possible. I want to go through most of them cover to cover. The number of books I have bought recently like crazy thinking I will finish them all in just one go.

Every book I see and come to know about, I have a strong urge that I should read them. It is my duty to read them and then enlighten the world with the knowledge of how I found that book to be. (I know this seems stupid.)

I have always loved reading but not the way I have started reading these days. Some of the novels that I have finished in the last 2 months are:

  1. Veronica Decides to Die – It was okay. I didn’t like it much.
  2. Can you keep a Secret? – Light and fun reading chic-lit.
  3. The White Tiger – I loved it!
  4. The Husband’s Secret – Again, this was okay. It was kind of predictable.
  5. And the Mountains Echoed – I have loved all Khalid’s books. This one was also great.
  6. The Time Traveler’s Wife – It was a bit lengthy and got tiring. Although, I really liked the story-line.

The list is ever growing. Let me know if you are going or have ever went through this phase in life and what all books did you read? Well, I must admit, it is fun.



10 thoughts on “Bookworm Days

  1. I am currently going through it I guess !

    I loved reading, but never got much time to read , so last year I set goal of reading 20 books & it was the last week of December where I read 3 books hence barely managing to complete my reading challenge.

    This year I decided to read 30 books, by now I have read some 24 books (infact I am surprised too) I believe I can read 100 books this year If I continue reading the way I am nowadays!

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  2. Oh my. I’m going through the exact same phase. I can’t stop splurging on books also. Mines being more of a collecting phase now. I’m trying to get all the Enid Blyton books that I’ve grown up reading for my library one day. I’m at a reminiscing phase and reading this made me so happy all over again.

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  3. Hey! I somehow came across your blog, I don’t really know how, but I’m glad I did. I loved them all, your writing style grabs the reader and makes them read till the end. I did go through the Book Reviews, they too are really good, and yes you definitely gained a “new follower!” xD
    Keep posting, I’d like to read more of your posts.
    And if you have time, you can check out my recent post :

    Thank you! šŸ˜€

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