Here’s the Thing

3 months back… I was in this place where I had a few people with me who are worth mentioning.

The first of course is my girlfriend. She was a part of all my shenanigans! Together we were ruling the place and trust me we made people jealous. A different kind of jealous, where they used to be more in a state of shock. There was nothing that we both couldn’t do. I miss being with her. Be it Foosball, cricket or TT or any other sport, we were donning it together. The way we dirty danced in our first and again in our last parties. Uff we were sexy together. We could have laughed at our troubles and made trouble sorry for even making an existence.

Journey with her was short but the best days of my life.

There was this another person. A friend I guess. He stood by me till the end. But I guess I left no stone unturned to annoy him and now I miss him too. This is a hard fact to accept. Because sometimes when we miss people, our feelings could be mistaken. He was a part of the best days and together we created beautiful memories. I don’t know what stops me today to go ahead and tell him that I miss him. And when I woke up early this morning, his message on my phone left me thinking again. Why can’t he simply talk to me? Why does he have to play games? Why can’t we just laugh it off? Because I am this way, and I have always been this way. I can’t go back to say sorry even when I am, I can’t go back to say I forgive even when I had already, I can’t go back to mend when I desperately want to.

So here’s the thing I wish for, an evening with them together, were we could sit and feel nostalgic.




You need to have a Girl Friend.

At times you have to take a break and sit back and relax from the mind wrenching and taking-away-everything-from-you schedule. I am not a perfect human being and I know I suck at relationships. But I am doing alright.

I love my time I spend with my girlfriends. I don’t know why I can’t take more time out for them. Why can’t I just go ahead and meet them everyday. Probably because they are also busy in their lives. But I am happy, even if we meet once in a month or two. They make me feel special. Special in a way that I can be whatever I want to be; they won’t judge me, they won’t preach me and they will still love me.

Sometimes my heart yearns for more coffee, more talks, more lunch’s just with my girlfriends.