Puppy Love

imageI always wanted to have a pet: be it a cat, a dog or even a fish. I just wanted to have a pet so badly. It was for months I used to do my research on what pet suits me the best. Some sites claimed that dogs make the best pet. Others stated I need a cat for someone as lazy as me. I was not able to make my mind. If someday I decided I wanted a dog, I would go hysterical about the breed I should choose. 😛

It had already been around 6 months and my research to find the best suited pet was heading nowhere. So one day without any second thought I went out to buy a cat. But it was my hard luck I found none. 😦

I had already given up on my dream to own a pet for myself. I know it sounds selfish but I wanted to have a pet to make myself believe that I can love and care about someone else other than me too. In a way giving up on this dream was a great idea as pets are not to prove anything. They are a part of our family. We do not own brothers and sisters to prove that we can love our siblings, we just tend to love them unconditional.

So a month before his birthday, my boyfriend got up one morning and said “I need a Labrador.” . Me and all my friends went frenzy over this idea and how it crept my boyfriend’s mind. He was so determined to bring a baby home, he made a 100 calls in a day. Meanwhile, I went in a state of disbelief and lied in one corner of the room thinking if any of this is true. 😛 In the evening all five of us went to a pet shop. The other girl in my group took a Lab puppy in her arms and we all awed. I saw that baby and fell in love. It was then and there that I decided that whatever maybe I am not putting this cute little furball back in cage. We all welcomed him to his new home.

I did not have to be sure if I will be able to take his care or not. I already knew that he has made a special place in my heart. Oreo, is now 10 weeks old and he his the cutest little lover I ever had. Every morning when he comes by my bedside and wakes me up, every time I sit tired and he starts licking my feet, every time he would lie down in front of me for a belly rub, I know I can not love him more. My love for him grows each day and I now know when people talk about their pet dogs how it feels. He is like a baby to me and my everything. #PuppyLove


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