To miss someone close

It has not been many days since I have told my parents that I have now become an old girl and I can take my own decisions in life. Being a parent doesn’t mean that you have to take decisions for your child all life long. It only means that you can stand with them and support your child with whatever path he or she chooses.

My parents definitely fail to realize the same. So, I recently told them that I like a guy and if I ever wish to marry (it’s again a big IF), I will marry him. Obviously this fact did not go well with them. It is frustrating that they want to choose and decide the guy whom should I live my life for the next so many years. Isn’t it?

Forget about my choice of guy, they have already decided that it’s time for me to get settled in life. I now see that nothing else ever mattered. Marriage of your girl child can become the whole sole purpose of someone’s life seems ridiculous.

I had to take harsh steps. I am not talking to them since that day. They do not seem to be interested in my life (like ever) and are also not talking to me. So, now I can come back to the subject of my article. I do miss my mother a lot. I used to randomly call her whenever I used to be in office and didn’t have much work to do. Now I unlock my phone and lock it back again.

Since morning, as there is not much work, I have called my boyfriend tens of times (who by the way doesn’t talk much and we usually have over the phone conversations for hardly 10 mins). This is the time when I am missing her. The mother I used to talk to. I used to call her up and tell her all my silly plans for the future. We used to discuss all the happening news in the family. I am not missing the mother she became once she knew I have a boyfriend who is not of the same caste as theirs.

I miss her so much and yet I can not approach her. I don’t want to hear her harsh tone. I don’t want to make me believe that she doesn’t care about me. I don’t want to realize that she has always been after me for the same purpose. I don’t want to know that she hates the person I love.

Maybe someday she will be alright and she will talk to me again. I just want her to know that it matters to me how she behaves with me at any time of the day. I get hurt and there is no cure for the pain that I experience now.


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