Puppy Love

imageI always wanted to have a pet: be it a cat, a dog or even a fish. I just wanted to have a pet so badly. It was for months I used to do my research on what pet suits me the best. Some sites claimed that dogs make the best pet. Others stated I need a cat for someone as lazy as me. I was not able to make my mind. If someday I decided I wanted a dog, I would go hysterical about the breed I should choose. 😛

It had already been around 6 months and my research to find the best suited pet was heading nowhere. So one day without any second thought I went out to buy a cat. But it was my hard luck I found none. 😦

I had already given up on my dream to own a pet for myself. I know it sounds selfish but I wanted to have a pet to make myself believe that I can love and care about someone else other than me too. In a way giving up on this dream was a great idea as pets are not to prove anything. They are a part of our family. We do not own brothers and sisters to prove that we can love our siblings, we just tend to love them unconditional.

So a month before his birthday, my boyfriend got up one morning and said “I need a Labrador.” . Me and all my friends went frenzy over this idea and how it crept my boyfriend’s mind. He was so determined to bring a baby home, he made a 100 calls in a day. Meanwhile, I went in a state of disbelief and lied in one corner of the room thinking if any of this is true. 😛 In the evening all five of us went to a pet shop. The other girl in my group took a Lab puppy in her arms and we all awed. I saw that baby and fell in love. It was then and there that I decided that whatever maybe I am not putting this cute little furball back in cage. We all welcomed him to his new home.

I did not have to be sure if I will be able to take his care or not. I already knew that he has made a special place in my heart. Oreo, is now 10 weeks old and he his the cutest little lover I ever had. Every morning when he comes by my bedside and wakes me up, every time I sit tired and he starts licking my feet, every time he would lie down in front of me for a belly rub, I know I can not love him more. My love for him grows each day and I now know when people talk about their pet dogs how it feels. He is like a baby to me and my everything. #PuppyLove



I had always wished I could drink so much someday that the next day I do not remember a thing. This wish has mostly been because I used to think this can never happen with me. Getting drunk, excessively drunk is fine but forgetting what ever I did is not something that will ever happen to me.

2016 fulfilled my wish twice. The first was definitely on New Year’s Eve itself. Although both the times the next day, we call it the Hangover day has been dreadful.

We are in a house party on the eve of New Year. I got so drunk that the whole night I tried to take out my contact lenses although I was wearing specs that day. My boyfriend was so frustrated from me as he tried so hard to make me understand that I was not wearing contacts. He even brought my specs and showed it to me. 😛 But I was determined that I cannot go to sleep until I get my lenses off.

Well, that day was short and sweet. 🙂

The next time I got hell drunk was on my boyfriend’s birthday party. What a day it was!

I actually do not remember what all I did. The last thing I remember is me dancing on the dance floor with all the random girls from the pub. Now this is a thing with me. Whenever I get drunk I get a bent towards girls. 😉 No, I am straight by all means. But when I am drunk I follow the #GirlsLove rule. I like the company of all girls.

So, the next day when I woke up, it was a surprise for me that I got up in my bed. In my OWN bed. 😛 I had this severe headache and as I put my first step on the floor I nearly escaped from stepping into my own vomit. The next big blow was my panty lying on the floor. Why was it there? I stood in front of the mirror to check had I taken off my lenses. Yes, I had and they were lying on the floor too. Thanks, to my pet he had them for dinner.

It was fun. But now I wish I never get that drunk because I wish I had witnessed a lot many things. I hated that I had to learn a lot of stories from my friends the next day. There was a girl who made a pass on my boyfriend and told him that he was cute. Oh how could have I missed that. 😦

I had a dark black bruise on my knee which I have no idea from where I got. While coming back to my house I made a remark to the society guard “Tere chota hai, chota hi rahega” (You have a small **** and it will be like that always). I puked and passed out in the pub washroom. I never knew I could have done so many embarrassing acts.

And seriously, getting drunk and blacking out is no more a wish for me. I want to be present. I want to know what I did. I want to be a part of all the fun.

I think I had enough hangovers this year. 🙂

To miss someone close

It has not been many days since I have told my parents that I have now become an old girl and I can take my own decisions in life. Being a parent doesn’t mean that you have to take decisions for your child all life long. It only means that you can stand with them and support your child with whatever path he or she chooses.

My parents definitely fail to realize the same. So, I recently told them that I like a guy and if I ever wish to marry (it’s again a big IF), I will marry him. Obviously this fact did not go well with them. It is frustrating that they want to choose and decide the guy whom should I live my life for the next so many years. Isn’t it?

Forget about my choice of guy, they have already decided that it’s time for me to get settled in life. I now see that nothing else ever mattered. Marriage of your girl child can become the whole sole purpose of someone’s life seems ridiculous.

I had to take harsh steps. I am not talking to them since that day. They do not seem to be interested in my life (like ever) and are also not talking to me. So, now I can come back to the subject of my article. I do miss my mother a lot. I used to randomly call her whenever I used to be in office and didn’t have much work to do. Now I unlock my phone and lock it back again.

Since morning, as there is not much work, I have called my boyfriend tens of times (who by the way doesn’t talk much and we usually have over the phone conversations for hardly 10 mins). This is the time when I am missing her. The mother I used to talk to. I used to call her up and tell her all my silly plans for the future. We used to discuss all the happening news in the family. I am not missing the mother she became once she knew I have a boyfriend who is not of the same caste as theirs.

I miss her so much and yet I can not approach her. I don’t want to hear her harsh tone. I don’t want to make me believe that she doesn’t care about me. I don’t want to realize that she has always been after me for the same purpose. I don’t want to know that she hates the person I love.

Maybe someday she will be alright and she will talk to me again. I just want her to know that it matters to me how she behaves with me at any time of the day. I get hurt and there is no cure for the pain that I experience now.