Ash and dust…for cash and lust.

“Why, darling, I don’t live at all when I’m not with you.” – Ernest Hemingway

I was watching ‘The last letter from your lover’ and I couldn’t stop thinking why people do not write like this anymore? I know I am a fanatic about letters and letter-writing and to have a movie all about love letters. What more can I ask for? 😛

Well, a lot more.

More importantly, spare yourself. Seize this thing that is true, and real, and infinite. Yes, it is scary. But I believe living a lie is worse.”

When I deleted my social media accounts, I was under the impression that now I would interact less with friends and people in general. But look at the irony of the situation, I am more social not being on social media. In the last few days, I have received more calls and messages from old friends than before. Just yesterday, one of my college friend sent me a video where we were celebrating my birthday ages ago and she said ‘Look, you were so cute and btw, belated happy birthday!’. I guess I sometimes fail to love people back as much as they love me.

And ‘LOVE’. All these writers came up and wrote this amazing, normal, believable script for a series. Why on earth did it get cancelled? It’s like two people coming together and just vibing. No third party forces them to be together or to like each other. Just as it should be. And talk about love. I couldn’t watch a single episode without a smile on my face. Please make more seasons. 😦

Angels were weeping, while you were sleeping.”

Talking about angels, I am so set for my trip to the paradise. I do have other things to plan and deal before I leave but oh my, I can’t be more excited.

I am also in a place where I have so many thoughts going on but I just don’t want to talk about them. I just keep telling myself that one day when I am past everything, all I will remember is how anyone made me feel. Exactly how I am feeling right now.

You said earlier that if you ask for love, the world will send you love back. But I’ve been asking and asking and I haven’t gotten anything. Hoping and waiting and wishing and wanting love. Hoping… hoping for love has f**cking ruined my life.”